In Brasov, the Brasov Community Foundation together with the team of ambassadors of the Donors' Circle has already organised 10 editions of the Donors' Circle, in which, more than 810 donors have supported 27 local projects with funding of LEI 315,492.

In Romania, within 2013-2023, donations made by 4,000 donors collected funds of LEI 1,458,384 which supported 222 projects within 34 editions of the Circle, in 15 cities in our country.

The concept of this fundraising event belongs to the Funding Network in London, being extended globally and launched in Romania by the Romanian Association of Community Relations.

At the 10th anniversary edition in April 2022, the Donors" Circle team raised 72,927 RON (of which 10% for organisational expenses) for 3 local projects benefiting 204 children and adults:

* 10% of total donations was used for paying for the organisation costs of the event.

In the 9th edition of March 2021, the first online edition, 80 individual donors and 22 small and middle-sized companies supported with LEI 53,807 3 local projects, having as beneficiaries: 272 children and adults:

In the 8th edition of November 2019, 126 donors collected LEI 73,710* for 3 local projects:

In 2018, the amount of LEI 44,800 was collected for 3 local projects: the project "Education for health" implemented by an initiative group formed by young medical students and physicians, the project "A special day" implemented by ADDIP and the project "I give one LEU for my city" of the Together-for-Community-Development Association - AIDC.

Other projects supported in the previous editions:

Organisations supported in the previous editions:


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