It is a fundraising event which gives participants the chance of making clever donations, more precisely they find out the story from the beneficiaries directly, understanding the impact of the donation, and follow the project up, being afterwards updated through the Donor's Newsletter.

In Brasov, The Brasov Community Foundation together with the group of ambassadors of the Donors' Circle has already organised 10 editions of the Donors' Circle, in which, more than 810 donors supported 27 local projects with funds of LEI 315,492.

How does the magic work?

You are invited to enter the atmosphere of the event by watching the videos of the previous editions .

How to get involved?

Donate for the cause(s) you resonate with after having found out the story directly from the beneficiaries and after having understood their needs.

For the 10th edition of April 2022 we were able to gather in the same space again and managed to keep the emotion at the same intensity, the interaction between the presenter and the audience was as vivid as always, having brought energy and copious laughters.

The Maths of the philanthropic involvement meant: 79 individual donors and 29 small and middle-sized companies supported with LEI 72,927 3 local projects, having as beneficiaries: 204 children and adults:

* 10% of total donations was used for paying for the organisation costs of the event.

In the 11th edition, which will be held on November, 2023, we would like to collect more than LEI 40,000 for 3 local projects.

In this edition, we are mobilizing to support projects which target vulnerable communities affected by the recent global crisis, projects which will produce changes for the better and have feasible proposals for addressing the needs. Our proposal for you is to support projects which bring solutions for problems connected with mental health, anti-bullying education and other challenges of emotional and psychological nature enhanced or triggered by the many challenges faced in recent years.

How do we create the Circle of the Good of the community?

The jury of the Circle is composed of the executive team of the Brasov Community Foundation and 3 ambassadors.

Together, we make the magic work!

Thank you for believing in a better community, too!


Programme Manager
Iulia Teodora Florea
Phone: 0742 371 190

Programme Assistant
Ines Nagy
Phone: 0725 681 081

Executive Director
Laura Popeea
Phone: 0731 001 100

IT volunteer
Remus Văduva
Phone: 0744 200 805